About EPay Payment Services – for Your Busy Lifestyle

Explorer helps you get help back on the road faster.

At Explorer, we know how busy your life can be. That’s why we offer you choices for paying your bills online, absolutely free!

EPay Automatic Payments

Save time and get on the road faster. Set up recurring payments and let EPay Automatic Payment Service take care of your payments for you!

EPay Automatic Payments

  • Set it and forget it—your bill is paid on time
  • Your installment fees are reduced
  • View your payment history
  • Can also make single payments

Use EPay Automatic Payment Service to modify your payment accounts at any time without incurring hidden fees. There’s no guesswork. And you’re instantly emailed a confirmation when a payment is made. See our EPay Quick Tips.

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EPay 1-Time Pay

If you only want to view your current bill and make a fast one-time payment, use EPay 1-Time Pay.
EPay 1-Time Pay

  • In and out fast—no enrollment needed
  • View your current amount due
  • Print your current statement

Safe, Secure & Convenient

We offer all of our EPay services in conjunction with our financial partner Bank of America, so you know they are safe and secure!

For added convenience, you can pay by check, Visa™ or MasterCard™.

visa mastercard


See our EPay Help page that contains many informative FAQs! or call us at 1.800.788.8984.